iPad Printing

The iPad started having the ability to print as of iOS 4.2 that is when Apple created AirPrint. Today most WiFi printers support AirPrint; however, if you have a non-airprint printer you may still be able to print to it. There are several different solutions to allow your PC or MAC to act as an AirPrint printer.

AirPrint Supported Printer

  • Purchase a WiFi AirPrint compatible printer, for a list of supported printers from Apple click here.

iPad Printer Apps

  • The HP iPrint Photo app allows you to print and scan from HP WiFi printers, click here for a list of supported printers.
  • Epson has an iPrint app for its WiFi All-in-One printers which allows printing and scanning. For a list of supported printers click here.
  • Brother has an app for its printers the details can be found here.

Free Printing To Your PC

  • For Macs use AirPrint Activate by clicking here and following the instructions.
  • For Windows PCs Jaxov by clicking here and following the instructions.

Printing Using A Purchased Application

  • For iPads there is the app Print Central that will allow you to print to any networked printer, attached to a PC, Mac, or Wireless, find out more by clicking here.
  • For Mac’s you can use Printopia which is $19.95 and can be found by clicking here.
  • For Windows or Macs you can use Finger Print which is $9.99 Windows / $7.99 Mac by clicking here.