How I use the iPad for business and education

iPad and iPad Mini
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Hello I’m Larry Grenevitch, and I have decided to blog about how I use my iPad in my work and how the iPad can help businesses, students, and educational institutions. Most people have no idea of how much time the iPad can save them, and how it can help organize their lives.

One thing that many users of the iPad and iPad Mini do not realize is that the iPad was not intended to be a PC that you carry around. Instead it was intended to be an internet device that is a window on your world a living book whose pages show not only pictures and text, but videos and animations.

The iPad is also a way for you to have access to 80% of the things you do with a PC, and do those things more quickly than you can with a PC. So for instance from off, to having your web browser, is the touch of the home button and the tapping of the Safari icon. To get to your calendar, is also the tap of the home button and the tapping of the calendar icon plus you can have reminders and alerts sound alarms or show messages. Can you type documents? Yes, but it is for typing documents when you are out and have ideas you want to write down, not to be confused with a PC where you are writing and managing volumes of documents.

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